Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our LA Apartment

I thought I'd share some before pictures our new place before our stuff arrives and I start decorating. Alex and I are basically camping for the next few weeks with nothing but a mattress and a few kitchen items I shipped ahead of time, so these aren't true befores. 

In the past, I've rented in older buildings that have more inherent charm so this place feels a little sterile to me without any exposed brick or crown molding but I'm up for the challenge. Some initial thoughts: 1) the TV came with the apartment, it wouldn't have been my first choice to mount it above the fireplace but so be it; 2) we haven't really decided which room to make our master yet (they're almost identical), maybe we'll try both; 3) Alex and I are SO excited to have private outdoor space which was just a pipe dream in NYC. Can't wait to get decorating!

xx Molly

<<Master Bedroom>>

<<Guest Bedroom>>


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