Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Rules

Organic heirloom tomatoes were available for the first time at our local Whole Foods this past weekend which to me means summer is officially upon us (we used them to make panzanella, yum). As I've done in past years, I thought I'd share the goals / activities I'm hoping to accomplish this summer. 
  1. Read (but like, for real. does anyone else feel like they never have time?)
  2. Plan our fall getaway to San Francisco
  3. Visit the 9/11 memorial & museum (a bit embarrassed we have yet to do this)
  4. Watch a movie at the drive-in
  5. Picnic, lots
  6. Improve my running skills
  7. Start a homemade weekend brunch tradition
  8. Take a dance class
  9. Try all the ice cream on this list (and maybe try making some too)
  10. Explore Chinatown
Wish me luck!

xx Molly

PS: see past lists here, here, and here.

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