Tuesday, June 23, 2015

September 11th Memorial

In line with our summer plans, Alex and I took a trip to the 9/11 memorial, finally, also visited the new observation deck in Tower One (we'll have to go back another time to see the museum). The memorial is powerful and moving and the views from the observatory are a beautiful reminder of just how strong, unique, and amazing this city of ours is. 

xx Molly 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jazz Age Lawn Party

For two weekends each summer there is a picnic on Governors Island where all the attendees dress up in Jazz Age costumes, sip cocktails, dance the Charleston and listen to jazz bands. So last weekend I grabbed a vintage dress (that used to belong to my mom) out of my closet, tied a beaded bracelet around my head and went. It was a lovely time. The highlight though was when Bill Cunningham took my photo; talk about a New York moment.

xx Molly


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Rules

Organic heirloom tomatoes were available for the first time at our local Whole Foods this past weekend which to me means summer is officially upon us (we used them to make panzanella, yum). As I've done in past years, I thought I'd share the goals / activities I'm hoping to accomplish this summer. 
  1. Read (but like, for real. does anyone else feel like they never have time?)
  2. Plan our fall getaway to San Francisco
  3. Visit the 9/11 memorial & museum (a bit embarrassed we have yet to do this)
  4. Watch a movie at the drive-in
  5. Picnic, lots
  6. Improve my running skills
  7. Start a homemade weekend brunch tradition
  8. Take a dance class
  9. Try all the ice cream on this list (and maybe try making some too)
  10. Explore Chinatown
Wish me luck!

xx Molly

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Drinking Horchata

A couple months ago Alex and I had dinner at El Vez's NYC outpost (we were feeling nostalgic for Philadelphia). Alex ordered Horchata, took a sip, and then passed it to me to try. I proceeded to absentmindedly drink the entire glass in one gulp (oops) and so began my love affair with horchata. Well, it was either that experience or this song, but same difference. I decided to try my hand at making it myself and I'm happy to report that it's quite quick and simple. After reading several recipes, I sort of made up my own:

2 cups rice (I made a batch with long grain brown and sweet brown separately to see which I preferred, long grain for the win but not a huge difference so just use what you have on hand)
1/2 cup skinless almonds
1 cinnamon stick (Mexican, preferably)
5 cups warm water, 2 cups cold water
vanilla, to taste
sugar, to taste (I used 1/4 cup)

  1. Combine the rice, almonds, cinnamon stick, and warm water in a bowl. Cover and soak overnight in the fridge.
  2. In a high speed blender, blend the entire mixture (including cinnamon stick) until smooth.
  3. Strain through a nut bag (if you have one) or fine mesh strainer. 
  4. Return liquid to blender. Add 2 cups water and vanilla and sugar to taste.
  5. Serve over ice, sprinkled with cinnamon.
xx Molly

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Wedding Part 2

Alex and I decided we wanted to have a cocktail service reception to keep things more fun and party-esque. The food was really important to us, so we had lots of passed appetizers like quinoa sliders with kale slaw and sundries tomato relish and vegetarian chorizo and farmhouse cheddar empanadas with tomatillo salsa. We also had a taco bar and served two signature cocktails - brown sugar and blood orange mojitos and lemon opal basil gimlets. My mom made so many amazing contributions to the wedding, most noticeably all the flowers including my bouquet, but she also found our band! Ohlala is an amazing french jazz band and the perfect fit. Alex and I are so grateful and appreciative to everyone who came to NYC to celebrate our wedding with us - we love you!

xx Molly

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