Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tea Towel Holder DIY

As a shower gift my mom got me a set of adorable tea towels that are embroidered "they fell in love," "they got married," and "they lived happily ever after". I knew that I wanted to display them in our apartment but also didn't want to actually use them (and have them get stained or ruined). So I bought these brackets (which I originally found via Martha Stewart), husband cut and painted wood dowels sea green for me, and we hung them vertically on this strange little wall in the kitchen. 

I love the way the project turned out and get happy butterflies every time I see them. My only complaint is that I seriously spent hours ironing the towels and they are still a little wrinkled, but I guess that's just how they are going to be!

xx Molly

PS: rug, actual dish towels, Tropicana radio, Guinness poster (from Alex's bachelor days), cat models are obviously irreplaceable and were not coerced into posing 

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