Friday, May 15, 2015

Quote of the Week

I'm so guilty of this. I always think I need to have x, y, and z in line in order to do something, but really, just jumping in and getting started is the most important part. I've been telling myself since probably December (if not earlier) that I would start getting up earlier two days a week and go to the gym. This past week is the first time I've accomplished it. Someone recently compared my gym commitment to feeding my cats. She said, I feed my cats every day, regardless of whether I feel like it, am tired, feel sick, etc because I made the commitment to do so (I technically don't have to feed them, but of course I never would skip feeding them) and the same should apply to any commitment I make to myself. So, so true.

Took me awhile, but at least I got there.

xx Molly

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