Friday, May 8, 2015

Gallery Wall

As I mentioned here, I recently extended and reworked our art wall to cover the entire hallway instead of just a portion (which was so awkward). Alex and I are lucky enough to have artistically talented mothers and family member, so we've been able to amass a little collection. We've also recently started purchasing art on vacations as souvenirs, so that we can be reminded of our travels every day, and it's a tradition I'd love to maintain over the years. One of my favorite tricks for framing art (which can be so expensive) is to use an existing prefabricated frame but get a custom mat cut inexpensively at an art store. It really elevates the picture and makes it look custom framed. 

A lot of the art here is by family or simple reproductions of famous works but here are some of the artists represented: 

Scout & Whistle
Katrina Schmidt-Rinke
Flora Forager
Kerri Blackman

xx Molly

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