Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Halls Are Decked

It’s Christmas time! One of my favorite seasons, and the only winter month I enjoy, December is always such a rush to get in all the special holiday events before the season passes me by. While I’m always tempted to start earlier, I always force myself to wait until after Thanksgiving to begin the celebrations, so this year I’m feeling like my celebration season is a little condensed. On our way home from Thanksgiving with my future in-laws (!!), the boy and I stopped to get our Christmas Tree, a Blue Spruce (my favorite), which will hopefully fare a little better than last years! The halls are deck, the shopping is almost done, the Christmas party has been had, and the cards are at least purchased, if not quite written, addressed and mailed. Ah I love this time of year!

xx Molly

The first ornament on the only Christmas tree we'll ever have as an engaged couple :)

The tree is just a little pokey (we've been calling it our Christmas cactus) so we needed gloves to string the lights!

A souvenir from our trip to London

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