Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Striped to Perfection

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m constantly reworking my apartment, it never stops. I think one of the major blocks I’m up against is my inability to paint / wallpaper the walls. At least in my renter’s head, if I could simply paint the walls, it would provide the major changes I’m constantly searching for (and wouldn’t take that much effort to switch up again in a few months once I’m ready for something else ;).  All of this to say, I’m so happy I found an easy, affordable, and totally nonpermanent way to add some much needed color and interest to my walls – washi tape. Our apartment is laid out a little strangely (in a good way) as we have a couple nooks that make the apartment seem larger and make our three-room one-bedroom feel like a five-room apartment (including a dining room and dressing room). This washi tape striped feature wall is in our “dressing room” between the bedroom and bathroom and off the living. Since you can see the space from the living room, I wanted to add some visual interest but also didn’t want to overwhelm the small space, so I striped one wall with four different colored tapes in a repeating pattern. The key to straight lines is careful measurement, patience, and a level. It took us a couple evenings to finish (mostly because we ran out of the tape and had to order more) but it was well worth the effort. And the best part? It’s totally removable!

xx Molly

Hope no one minds a little Belle butt ;)

And of course it's always helpful to have an engineer who's good at detailed measuring on hand!!

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