Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quote of the Week

This morning I was catching up on some overdue reading and read this lovely article about how the Annenberg Foundation secretly purchased Hopi artifacts at auction in order to return them to the Native American Tribe which had tried to stop the auction. Hours after the auction, with the Hopis believing that the items had all been purchased by art collectors, they discovered that in fact, the foundation had purchased as many of the items as possible for return to the tribe. The story gave me such warm fuzzies, because this one act of kindness meant so much to so many. While this article describes a grander gesture than I feel able to make on my own, little efforts can be equally important. While perhaps it feels daunting to try to affect a whole tribe’s day, I’m perfectly capable of affecting at least one person’s, so I’ve resolved myself to do just that. What do you think?

xx Molly

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