Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Girls

Ahh the gift giving season, I love it so. I think there are few feelings better than the satisfaction of buying the perfect gift for someone. So without further ado, here are my suggestions for some of the ladies in your life (guys coming tomorrow):

xx Molly

  1. Shimmery candlesticks to add a little glitz to anyone’s home $16
  2. Colorful tray for the home d├ęcor obsessed $208
  3. Houseplant for the green thumb or cook ~$25
  4. Serving bowls for anyone who likes to throw a good party $300
  5. Necklace for your edgy, fashion-forward friend $108
  6. Book of cat poems to fuel a little inside joke $10
  7. Tote bag for any of the members of your book club, since it’s true $24
  8. Milk bottle vase filled with flowers for the hostess $15
  9. Gloves to keep your iPhone loving friends’ hands nice and toasty $58
  10. Rainbow trivet for the tea (or coffee) aficionado $22
  11. Major scale wine glasses for the musician who loves her wine $65
  12. Red velvet cupcake mix for just about anyone $15

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