Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Boys

Today is for the men in our lives!

xx Molly

  1. Brass luggage tags to encourage an adventurous spirit $39
  2. iPhone Gramophone for the music geek $159
  3. Wool belt to add just a little something extra $20
  4. Ice shot mold for the party animal $13
  5. Small batch tonic to keep the bar well stocked $16
  6. Road trip guide for fun summer adventures $28
  7. 90’s flip phone iPhone case for just about anyone $20
  8. Colorful socks for the businessman $35
  9. Rose gold razor for the lover of the finer things $90
  10. Guinness memorabilia for the beer lover $9
  11. Campfire cologne for the outdoorsman $13

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