Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Mama's Cooking: Mushroom Minestra with Braised Swiss Chard

I'll bet you're asking yourself the same question I did----What is a minestra? I thought "stew," the definition, "tends to be lighter than zuppa and with smaller pieces than minestrone," came from Wiktionary. Hub Pages describes the difference between the two names for Italian soups in a more satisfying way with some history, too. So, this is a recipe for soup, though mine came out more like a stew.

I follow Veranda magazine on Pinterest and I guess they pinned some posts from Town & Country magazine. The image of this vegetarian mushroom soup
 caught my eye. Turns out it's from a restaurant Richard Gere owns called the Bedford Post Inn just north of NYC. Their photo of the soup looks a lot prettier than mine, but mine still tastes delicious.

It was quite involved, definitely a weekend recipe. I stored the leftover components separately and used them this weekend in stuffed peppers. I'll give you that recipe next week. Give it a try, perhaps for a special meal and don't be surprised if yours looks different, too! Save the leftovers, if there are any, for next week.

xx Mama and Molly



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