Monday, October 21, 2013

Jacob's Pickles

The funny thing about New York, is that you feel like you’ve never even scratched the surface, or at least I do. After a little over two years in Philadelphia, I felt like I had a really good handle on the city and knew the hidden gems, but not in New York. The point is, this weekend the boy and I were walking within blocks of where we live, where we’re still finding new things all the time (not to mention the rest of Manhattan or the other boroughs) and decided to try a new to us restaurant that is always packed. Jacob’s Pickles serves delicious (if a little on the buttery side, but who doesn’t like an indulgence every now and again), southern fare with three different root beers on tap, which was possibly my favorite part, and although not the ideal in vegetarian friendly, there were still plenty of options. If you ever find yourself on the upper west side in need of comfort food, check it out.

xx Molly

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