Friday, August 16, 2013


Have you heard of cronuts? They're a cross between donuts and croissants, and since popping up at Dominique Ansel Bakery a few months ago, have started a huge craze. People start lining up around 6am each day in hopes of buying a couple before the bakery sells out, they've even popped up on craigslist and people will sell you their spots in line. But what seems to be less well known, is that you can simply preorder up to six cronuts by calling the bakery at 11am on Monday mornings. Sure, it's a two week waiting period, but on the day you select, you can go in any time to pick up your order, no lines necessary. A few weeks ago I called so that a few of us could try these treats, and after about a half hour of constantly calling over and over (lots of busy signals), I got through and we had a little cronut party. These were coconut and lime with brown sugar, August's flavor, and were really yummy, and well worth the phone call.

xx Molly

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