Monday, May 6, 2013

How To: Transform a Coffee Table to a Bench

You may remember from way back when, that I was hunting for a bench for the entry of our Philly apartment. I never ended up buying anything because we converted a coffee table that the boy made (he's so handy) into a bench by simply adding thick cushions to the top, and it actually worked out perfectly. That said, we've been meaning to paint it for oh, about two years now, so I was very happy that we finally got to it this weekend on a trip to Massachusetts. We chose to spray paint the bench so that we would have time to complete two coats and be able to transport it back, all in the span of a weekend and since the color was going from one dark to another, we didn't prime. Here are the simple steps we followed to transform our former coffee table into an entryway bench in just a couple of hours.

xx Molly

1. Place a drop cloth somewhere outdoors, away from anything you don't want getting accidentally sprayed.

2. Sand the entire piece to remove any bumps, paint drips, and imperfections. If there are any chips, cracks, etc. use wood filler to patch them up.

3. Pick your color. We decided to use a dark green to match a cabinet we keep next to the bench.

4. Apply your first coat, trying to keep an even spray and coverage throughout. Also, don't apply too much paint to any single area or you may get drips. (Also, if your bf is handy like mine, this is a great time to ask for help ;)

5. Let the first coat dry until it is no longer tacky, then lightly re-sand and apply a second coat.

6. Add a non-slip pad (we used some leftover one from our rugs) and add whichever cushions you chose, thicker is probably better though. The cushions we used are no longer available, but Crate and Barrel has a bunch of options. 

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