Tuesday, May 7, 2013

12 Dates of Summer

A couple weekends ago the boy and I had a good-old-fashioned date night, and it was really nice. It’s not that we don’t do things together all the time, but having it designated as a date made it feel different. We realized that even if we spend all weekend exploring the city together, setting some time aside for an actual date makes it extra special. So we had this great idea, the 12 dates of summer. We each picked 6 simple dates, nothing too fancy or expensive, and will randomly select one a week throughout the summer. This way, the dates are already chosen but there’s still an element of surprise because you never know what it will be that week. We’re both really looking forward to giving it a shot. Have you ever done something similar?

xx Molly

Oh, and in case you're wondering, our dates are:
  1. Brunch at Plein Sud
  2. Kiss atop the Empire State Building
  3. Have dinner at a Mario Batali restaurant
  4. Get drinks at the Boat Basin
  5. See a show
  6. Explore Coney Island
  7. Dinner and a movie
  8. Picnic in a park
  9. Go rowing in Central Park
  10. Rent bikes and ride, ride, ride
  11. Visit the Brooklyn flea, followed by brunch
  12. Spend a day at the beach

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