Friday, April 26, 2013


Spring Bloom III by Luann Ostergaard

Lately I’ve found myself intensely interested in expanding my art collection. I’m not really sure when it started, or why even, or, let’s be honest, where I would hang new art, thank you small NYC apartment, but all I know is that I’m obsessed. The biggest thing is that I would like to have some pieces by current artists, artists who maybe, just maybe, I could afford an original from, too. While I’ll always adore my Impressionist painters, there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy mix, right? Here are some of my recent favorite discoveries. Do you have any go-to artists?
xx Molly

Christie Lau, who I happened to study with in France, has work that is absolutely stunning. I honestly love everything she does. Some of her pieces are available through etsy, with many more available for your viewing pleasure on her blog.  
Pink Black  by Julian Hoenig

Untitled by Lindsay Cowles

Nocturne by Elizabeth Chapman

Zebra by Britt Browne

Red Preul by Hunt Slonem

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