Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Roman Shades

I wanted to share a couple quick shots of the new roman shades (sorry for the photos, I promise to share nicer ones of the entire room soon) that my mom, the boy, and I made! We started with these curtain panels from Pier One, then measured and cut them to size for our windows, making sure to leave enough extra in the measurements to fold over and press all the sides for a nice clean look. Really more of a math exercise than a sewing one, decide how many folds you want, measure accordingly, and then sew pockets for wooden dowels, which will keep your folds nice and crisp. Usually these pockets would be behind the curtain, but we did them on the front (thanks mom for doing this step!) for a little visual interest. The last steps included sewing these plastic rings behind each rod, we did four verticle rows, and stringing cords through each and every one. We bought cord locks, along with wood cut to size at home depot, and eye hooks to attach all of the strings to the wood, stapled on the curtains, and hung them on the wall. While it may sound complicated, it was actually really easy, but just took some time. I love the way they finish the room and make it feel complete. Home sweet home.
xx Molly

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