Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Saying "hi" to the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and a fire to sip cocktails by.

Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by this new city of mine, there is just so much to discover, do, explore, that I wonder how I will ever fit it all in. And yet sometimes, especially lately with bitter cold and gray days, I feel like there is nothing to do at all. Moving to Philadelphia after college and now to New York has taught me that the best way to explore and get to know a city, for me, is to just get out and walk. Although this can prove a little easier said than done, especially in the winter. Even so, I’m slowly starting to tackle this gigantic city and little by little am making it my own. Here are some pictures from recent explorations, if you’d like to see.
xx Molly

Japanese treats at Minamoto Kitchoan and cookies from The City Bakery (there are still a couple days left in February's daily hot chocolate specials at the bakery, go try some, they're delicious)

The boy and I took a afternoon trip to the Terrain in Connecticut, such a lovely store, though not quite as magical as the one near Philadelphia.

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