Monday, January 14, 2013

Dining Room Updates: Inspiration


When I graduated from college and got my first apartment (two and half years ago now), I suddenly needed furniture. So with the help of my parents, I pulled together lovely apartment filled with some of their hand-me-downs, big-box store offerings, and vintage finds. One such vintage find, are my dining chairs, which have big comfy cushion but are, I have sadly come to realize, much too large for my table, not to mention apartment living. All of this, of course, leads me to my current hunt for new dining chairs. I’ve included some of my favorites above, as well as some lovely inspiration rooms below. So what do you think, which chairs should I chose?

xx Molly

This is my table, as styled by Crate and Barrel, and while I think the French bistro chairs look great, I'm after something a little different.

I've shared this one before, I just love, love, love this dining room, but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to a full set of custom upholstered chairs quite yet.

Ghost chairs are amazing, but are they really going to be in style forever?


The boy say's that the most important thing is that the chairs be comfortable, not exactly my highest priority ;)

We have a brick wall in our dining room, and I love the way the tarnished blue chairs look with the brick.

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