Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How To: Line Envelopes

I love, love, love sending and receiving Christmas cards. It’s a lovely way to spread holiday cheer and to send a little hello to loved ones. This year, the boy and I ordered our cards from minted.com, but in order to customize them a bit, we cut the edges with curved scissors and lined the envelope. While it may seem daunting, lining envelopes is really not too tricky and can easily be accomplished while watching TV or maybe a favorite holiday movie, Love Actually anyone? Below are the simple steps I used to line our Christmas cards.

xx Molly

1. Measure the width of the envelope, subtracting a quarter of an inch, and the height, to just below the glue line.

2. Using the measurements above make a template out of something sturdy, I used cardboard.

3. Using the template, trace whatever liner you have selected and cut it out.

4. Slide the liner into the envelope and place it in the desired location. Fold the flap over to create a crease in the liner. Then use glue or double sided tape to secure the top portion of the liner to the envelope. Easy peasy!

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