Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

For those of you still looking, here are my gift ideas for the lovely ladies in your life; be they mother, friend, sister, bff, grandmother, aunt, you name it. And beyond these ideas, I’m a big believer in purchasing experiences, especially since reading an article about it, so also consider a nice dinner, movie or show tickets, a weekend getaway, flowers, a class...the options are endless.
  1. Gold Giraffe $40.00
  2. Luggage Tag $20.00
  3. Bath Salts $9.50
  4. Napkin Rings $120.00
  5. Pie Server $20.00
  6. Rocks Glass $60.00
  7. Ring $78.00
  8. Coaster $12.00
  9. PJs $89.00
  10. Decanter Set $68.00
  11. Plate $38.00 
xx Molly

I also love, love, love the artwork above but had too hard of time picking out which version I liked best, you can have it made into an iphone case,  pillow, personal stationary, or just leave it as art. How cool is that?

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