Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Thank you note from Kate Spade

Stationery, to me, has always seemed like the epitome of good manners and elegance. There is nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note, (be it for a birthday, thank you, holiday…anything really), on lovely paper. Through my recent pursuing of "Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior" (something I would actually recommend for everyone to read, she's quite funny), I discovered her list of the traditional "stationary wardrobe" as she calls it, which even she admits is a bit excessive. Instead, she recommends that everyone should have, at the very least, single sheet paper either unmarked or with an address engraved. While I'm all for manners, I don't think my friends and family would mind very much if they instead receive my letters on what I will call "pretty" paper, in fact, I think they might prefer it; which is why I've included a few of my favorite stationary and card options, including a few that would make oh-so-adorable, DIY projects. Enjoy!

xx Molly

Oh and two helpful tips: When signing or addressing a card, the wife's name is always listed first, followed by her husband, and then any children; as in, "Dear Jill, Jack, and Janie,". Of course this does not apply if you use the formal "Mr. and Mrs." greeting. Also, a little trick for remembering the difference between stationary (still) and stationery (paper), the spelling for the paper form has an "e" for envelope.

Birthday party invitaiton from Inslee by Design

Correspondance card by Smythson

Seasonal greeting card by Hampton Paper Designs

Monogramed stationary by Cwonder

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