Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quote of the Week

I'm a big believer in happiness. I don't ask for things, events, or anything specific when blowing out candles / wishing on a star or eyelash - just happiness. As important as striving for happiness can be, it's also important to realize that you are happy and to bask in it. The people who are fighting so hard for an idea of what "happiness" is are never truly happy, and that's certainly something that I don't want to be. So here are a few things that are bringing me joy in this moment:
  1. The space heater that keeps me toasty at my desk all day.
  2. Crisp, sunny fall mornings.
  3. The expectation of yet-to-come adventures in NYC.
  4. Cooking dinner each night with my BF.
  5. Hot chocolate with a hint of rose water.
xx Molly

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