Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Sarah Richardson

One of my absolute favorite designers is Sarah Richardson of HGTV fame. The rooms she designs appear comfortable and livable, and perfectly layered with rich colors and vibrant fabrics. Unlike some designer rooms, which look too perfectly put together and more museum-like than home-like, her rooms make me want to curl up and live in them. She has two series on HGTV, "Sarah's House" where she buys, guts, and completely remodels and decorates a home, and "Sarah 101" where she redesigns a room in clients' homes and shares her tips and advice. As icing on her perfectly decorated cake, she has this fabulous sidekick Tommy who is super entertaining. Whether you're looking for a new design show or inspiration on your own rooms, I highly suggest you check out her work, she's just amazing. Do you have any favorite designers? Please share, I'd love to hear.

xx Molly

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