Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tea, Please

Spring is always a time for new beginnings, an opportunity to clean up, reorganize, and prioritize what's most important. In celebration of this refreshing time of year, I decided to host a tea party to introduce myself and my friends to more ladies in the Philly area. The concept was simple, every invitee was to invite a friend to the party, that way, we could all meet new people and expand our social circles. Although the party didn't turn out exactly as planned, (let's be honest, what every does?) the concept is something I'll certainly try again in the future. But since spring has yet to bring me new friends, I'm on the hunt for other new endeavors to undertake. Wish me luck!

xx Molly

Once again, I made these scones for the occasion (this time used gluten-free flour and they turned out just as deliciously).

Homemade lemon and poppyseed, vegan scones...too bad I forgot to add the poppyseeds!

Martha inspired tea sandwiches.

My Great Aunt's china, borrowed from my Mother. I love the delicate scalloped edges.

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