Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pinterest: The Next Napster?

This article in the Wall Street Journal draws parallels between Pinterest and Napster, as both allow the sharing of copyright material. I'm sorry, but really? I just don't see the comparison. If someone used Napster, they clearly knew they were getting something they should be paying for. On Pinterest, people are sharing images that inspire them; if anything, the photographs on Pinterest are getting more exposure and since the images link back to the original source, whoever posted the image on the internet in the first place is getting more views. Not to mention potentially new fans and followers. Further, there are website that do not allow pinning, I've seen it myself, so it's not as though someone can't stop their copyright material from being used on Pinterest. I think we live in a different day and age, and if you are posting to the Internet, you have to expect that people can likely take that image, one way or another. And frankly, I think the buzz an image can garner on Pinterest is causing these artists a lot more good than harm. What do you think, is Pinterest the same as Napster?

xx Molly

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