Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking Up

Purple dining room ceiling.

Let's talk about painted ceilings, as they are absolutely my new obsession. Adding a little unexpected pop of color looks so sophisticated and daring, but is easy peasy to accomplish. A colored ceiling looks great with white walls, in a complementary color to the wall color, or even in a pattern. As I'm currently a renter, I'm going to have to wait before I achieve my painted ceiling dreams, but you better believe I'll be adding this lovely touch to my living space as soon as I can. And for those who are a little hesitant to try the trend, try painting the ceiling of your porch a bright color. It will add wonders to your curb appeal and isn't as scary as doing a full room in your house!

xx Molly

Designer Sarah Richardson uses wallpaper to spice up the nursery's ceiling.

The yellow ceiling (purple's complementary color) makes both colors more vibrant.

The bluish-gray adds depth to a screened porch where wall color would otherwise be absent.

Yellow stripes, in Jenna Lyons', J Crew's creative directors, son's room.

High drama is added to the room with the deep-orange laquered ceiling.

Painting both the walls and the ceiling yellow, make the room appear larger than it is already.

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