Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Light Reading

With work winding down, I'm excited to have time for pleasure reading. I recently picked up these two books, Home Made and Miss Manners, and while not your typical leisure reads, I cannot wait to start each. Home Made is a cookbook which covers a multitude of different food and drink recipes, all from scratch - it even has a section on making your own tea (no teabags). I'm looking forward to perusing the different recipes and picking some to try. Miss Manners, as I'm sure you're aware, is an etiquette book, aimed at proper behavior in all areas of life. On a funny side note, the etiquette section at Barnes & Noble is a tiny shelf under the Wedding section - apparently, most women in today's modern word only care about using proper manners when it comes to their weddings. While I'm not sure I'll follow ever etiquette rule included, I'm curious to know the origins of some and just what the truly proper response is in certain situations. I cannot wait to dive right in!

xx Molly

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