Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Best

This dress was stunning. I love the simple excessories, beautiful white color, and while the cape was risky, she pulled it off perfectly.

I love watching the Oscars each year, especially for the dresses, jewels, and hair. This year didn't disappoint, with a number of the starlets turning up in gorgeous gowns. These are by far my favorites. Did you watch?

xx Molly

I thought her dress was fun and elegant all at once. 

This dress is amazing. She looked beautiful and completely wowed on the red carpet. With her hair and complexion, she glowed.

The dress is beautiful, and while, I wasn't a huge fan of her hair, I like how she kept her accessories simple.

Lovely, perfectly age appropriate and beautiful.

I really liked this dress when I was watching live, but I don't think it comes across as well in the pictures.

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