Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monster Foods

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Growing up vegetarian, I've always been very conscious of what I eat and what kind of ingredients are in different products. I've become very familiar with ingredients labels as I'm always searching for animal products, but that is certainly not the case for everyone. Even so, I hate when I flip a container around and there are what seems like 5 million ingredients, all with crazy, long, incomprehensible names. I was always overwhelmed, how could one person possibly learn all the additives and which were safe and which were not? Instead, I have always tried to buy items with as few ingredients as possible, as whole, unprocessed foods are always best in my book. While that will continue to be my go-to rule, I recently found this website which lists common additives, including whether they are safe, should be avoided, or should be eaten rarely. Best of all, it gives reasoning for each item, stating what it is, in which types of foods it is typically found, and the research behind the safety ranking. It is a great tool, and something I will definitely be referencing in the future.

xx Molly

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