Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This weekend I ventured to the Philadelphia Art Museum (yes, we did run up the steps Rocky style) to see a visiting exhibit on Van Gogh. I've always been an impressionist girl - the colors, expressiveness, happy scenes - everything about this genre appeals to me. While I certainly respect and enjoy Van Gogh, I would not call him my favorite, partially because prints of his works are never as lovely as the real thing, the way he used gobs of paint is beautiful and passionate, but clearly a Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas original is not in my future, so prints will have to do and therefore Van Gogh will never win out. Even so, I completely enjoyed the exhibit and recommend it to anyone who visits Philly for the sake of enjoying the art and learning something new about the famous painter. One thing I learned, Van Gogh, who it has long been believed killed himself, may not have committed suicide. Two art historians recently wrote the biography Van Gogh: The Life where they set out to prove that he was in fact shot by two local boys and claimed suicide to protect them. Isn't that fascinating? It's like a real life mystery.

xx Molly

One of my favorites from the exhibit. Image via.

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