Monday, February 20, 2012

Chair Lift

This chair, a hand-me-down from my boyfriend's parents, has beautiful curvy lines and coloring, but the cushion just wasn't cutting it for me. I've been in the process of infusing more color into the apartment, and I felt this was a perfect opportunity. Philadelphia has a neighborhood called Fabric Row (on South 4th Street), which houses different fabric and design shops, so I ventured there to pick a fabric. While, there, I also had a new cushion and batting cut, as I didn't know how old the existing foam was. And so, in about an hour, I had this beautiful new chair! Below are the step by step directions in case you'd like to tackle a project like this yourself.

xx Molly

The before

1. Remove the seat from the chair, typically seats are secured with a screw in each corner.

2. Using a screwdriver, remove the staples securing the current covering

3. For any staples that get stuck, use needle nose pliers to remove

4. Place new batting and cushion on the seat. (I purchased mine cut to size, but you can always do this yourself.)

5. Lay out fabric so that it appears on the seat how you would like it and flip over.

6. Pulling the fabric taught, staple it to the seat. Alternate sides so that you are always stapling across from your previous staple

7. Cut off excess fabric so the corners won't be too bulky

8. pull the fabric over the corner and place one staple

9. Fold the fabric under itself until you achieve a crease the size and shape you desire

10. Pull the fabric tight and staple. Repeat on the other side and for each corner

11. Reattach the cushion, and voila, the finished chair!

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