Friday, January 6, 2012

Take A Glance

I was so excited when my boyfriend came back from holiday vacation with two beautiful, handmade mirrors for me. Our entryway has been a work in progress and finally, with the two additions, I can happily say it is complete. For one of the mirrors, he made a shelf and attached hooks from Anthropologie so that it can keep keys, purses, coats - whatever it is you need as you run out the door. The second mirror is gloriously long and now I can finally see my entire outfit, down to my shoes! (I can't believe I've been living since August without seeing my shoes, and I'm sure every girl out there is in shock and horror from hearing this.) The best part of each of the pieces, of course, is that my wonderful boyfriend made them for me.

xx Molly

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  1. He sounds like real dream boat, I bet he deserves a good meal