Monday, February 6, 2012

Apartment Viewings

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I am feeling totally inspired by the February cover of HouseBeautiful. The yellow kitchen is so amazingly bright and colorful while still feeling relaxed; I love it! The picture has inspired me to infuse some more color into my surroundings, as although I always gravitate towards bright colors in design and fashion, I've tried to scale it back a bit since moving in with my boyfriend to accommodate both our tastes. But this kitchen is a perfect example of how color doesn't need to be feminine or masculine, it can be wonderfully gender neutral, and satisfy my need for brights without overwhelming the bf. As I'm not really in the market for a ton of new furniture right now, my plan is to infuse color through accessories, pictures, and perhaps some new bedding. Do you have any suggestions?

xx Molly

On related business, I am trying to get a new bedside table that doesn't clash with my existing one. I got the one on the right from Ballard but I still haven't decided if I like it, thoughts?

Finally, I couldn't help but share our adorable new photo additions by Sharon Montrose. It's impossible not to smile while looking at these every day.

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