Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Hostess

This weekend I co-hosted at my apartment a pre corporate holiday party happy hour for my team. I had my apartment decked for Christmas and served tasty bite sized treats like bruschetta, tortellini, mozzarella, and cherry tomato skewers, artichoke, fennel, and hummus dips, a selection of cheeses with truffle honey and cornichons, and mixed berries with chocolate infused balsamic vinegar. To top it all off, there was a plate piled with Christmas cookies for everyone's enjoyment. As welcome drinks we served the Berry Little Cocktail, which was delicious, enjoyed by all, and packed a punch. I love playing hostess, and the evening went off without a hitch (except that my co-host brought one left shoe from two separate pairs, don't worry, it worked out in the end), and everyone had a lovely time.

xx Molly


  1. Your apartment looks adorable and so does your spread!! I hope I can come visit you sometime with your parents!!

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