Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Decorations

How do you decorate your tree? Growing up we had a very kid-friendly tree with decorations made by yours truly, and other childhood favorites like Angelina Ballerina. At some point I decided it was time for us to have a "grown-up" Christmas tree and we have be decorating with bird ornaments ever since. I love how choosing a theme can give a cohesive look to the tree, but by allowing different colors and styles it doesn't become too cookie-cutter. My boyfriend and I, however, have nowhere near the funds to run out and buy perfectly themed ornaments for our nine-foot tree (that's a whole lot of ornaments). Instead, we're using hand-me-downs, and a few that we picked up at the store. Having a whatever-goes tree is great as well, and we're enjoying it. Here are some ornaments and decorations I would love to be using this year.
  1. Mackenzie Childs: Courtly Check Ornament $38.00
  2. MoMa: Dove Ornament $12.00
  3. MoMa: Turquoise Lollipop Santa Ornament $10.00
  4. Target: Porcelain Pinecone Ornament $5.00
  5. ABC Home & Carpet: Vintage Deer $14.00
  6. West Elm: Filled Glass Ball Ornament $8.00
  7. Target: Penguins Ornaments $2.00
  8. Terrain: Bristle Brush Fox Ornament $12.00
  9. West Elm: Double Glass Sphere Ornament $12.00
  10. Mackenzie Childs: Owl Tree Topper $168.0
  11. Ballard Designs: Jute Reindeer $39.99
  12. ABC Home & Carpet: Felt Applique Tree Skirt $125.00
  13. Target: Station Wagon With Tree Ornament $7.00
xx Molly

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