Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Sparkle

Since Thanksgiving, I've declared myself officially in the Christmas mood. The truth is, I would start celebrating Christmas at the beginning of November if I didn't think it was inappropriate and a little over-the-top, so instead, I force myself to at least hold off until after Thanksgiving, even if that still makes me slightly ahead of the crowd. My recent joy for the fast approaching season has materialized in a love of all things sparkly. Items for work, parties, and everything in between, in my opinion, are improved with a little sparkle, and given the season, it couldn't be more appropriate.
  1. Alice + Olivia: Paula High Waisted Sequin Pants $316.80
  2. Anthropologie: Twinkle Lights Pencil Skirt $218.00
  3. Alice + Olivia: Brielle Tutu Sweater $297.00
  4. Zara: Glitter High Heel Court $49.90
  5. Zara: Ballerina With Glitter $69.90
  6. J Crew: Glitter Purse $59.50
  7. J Crew: Crystal Starlet Earings $35.00
  8. Asos: Mini Dress With Sequin Mesh $81.81
  9. J Crew: Countdown Sequin Dress $395.00
xx Molly

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