Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hauntings

It was too dark and scary in the actual haunted house to take photos, but this is one of the prison wards of the penitentiary, spooky in and of itself

To enjoy the last hours of Halloween, my boyfriend and I ventured to the Eastern State Penitentiary's haunted house. It was totally creepy, with areas where there were no lights except for a tiny flashlight they provided, a section in which you donned 3D glasses and things, and people popped out of nowhere. It was really well done and scary. Afterwards, we visited our friends who had prepared mummy pizza, goblin cheese, hummus with fingers, it was great! As the night ended and we headed home, I was a bit nostalgic for our Halloween decorations, which I'm not quite sure I'm willing to give up yet. At least most of them will double for Thanksgiving decorations!

xx Molly

Pumpkin display with regular, candle, and sparkled pumpkins

A carved pumpkin makes a perfectly festive flower vase

Spider and bat Halloween cards that double as decorations

Grape vine and velvet pumpkins that will last forever

Miniatures in a class cylinder

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