Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Week Favorites - Alice + Olivia

Can I have these pants, please? They would be so fun for date night or weekend wear. Images via

Have you ever seen something that made you so happy you wanted to squeal with delight? Well, that's exactly how the Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 collection made me feel. I've always been a fan of the clothes, and this season was no disappointment. I love the 1920's and 1960's inspirations which would be fun to bring discreetly into a wardrobe. I'll admit that if worn all together, the collection could be a bit too costumed or era centric, but let's be honest how often do you wear one collection head-to-toe? No, no, in my opinion it's perfect and fun for both work and weekend. I can't wait to start buying; and the best part, although the clothes are slightly pricier than I might typically spend, the pieces are still within attainable range, how wonderful is that?

xx Molly

The color is so fun and bright which would cheer up any dull work day

I love that the cut and color allow this dress to be appropriate for both cocktails and work

I'm really into pleated skirts these days and the glitter/sequined shirt, well that just makes me giddy.

Again, appropriate for work or weekend. Also, given my obsession with The Help, I feel this is an outfit Skeeter would wear, and that makes me happy.

Backyard barbecue chic

Company Holiday party anyone?

The color is amazing and the cut is so mod. This would be a great way to spice up work ensembles from time to time.

Perfectly feminine

The tailoring is exceptionally flattering and sophisticated, while the print is girly and fun.

Valentine's day dinner, hands down. The sequins make the red so much more lively.

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