Friday, September 30, 2011

Color Combination - Blue-Green and Yellow-Orange

I'm finally starting to get in the mood for fall clothing. Summer is by far my favorite season, but fall has its positives like cozy knits, layers, and fun color combinations. I'm all about color, and am currently obsessing over teal and yellow-orange. The color combination is great for fall, cheerful but not too bright for the season. While I like each color on its own, together they really pop!
  1. Anthropologie: Acorn Trinket Flats $98.00
  2. Anthropologie: Ruched Marigold Coat $173.60
  3. Darling: Spot Frill Mini Skirt $96.03
  4. Sephora: Teal We Meet Again $9.50
  5. Nixon: The Dial Watch $100.00
  6. Kate Spade: Knightsbridge Stacy $165.00
  7. Free People: Totem Rope Waist Belt $9.95
  8. Asos: Hybrid Dress $148.41
  9. Rebecca Taylor: Sweet Rose Camisole $215.00
  10. Anthropologie: Arched Pleats Pullover $68.00
xx Molly

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harvest Moon

At the beginning of the summer I created a list of things I wanted to try to accomplish during the long, hot days. I did an okay job, accomplishing 6 1/2 of the 10 things; better luck next year, I suppose! Even if I didn't get to everything, I enjoyed having a reminder of the activities I'd hoped to fill my summer with. This fall, I'd like to do the same thing to keep myself on track and make the most of my free-time. What are your plans for fall?
  1. Go pumpkin picking.
  2. Perfect a mulled apple cider recipe, or another delicious hot beverage.
  3. Get out of the city to enjoy the scenery of the changing leaves.
  4. Bake a pie, or two.
  5. Attend the haunted house at the Eastern State Penitentiary.
  6. Get cozy by a fire.
  7. Take a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.
  8. Get to a few DIYs, like a custom tablecloth and Halloween decorations.
  9. Pickle some drink garnishes for easy hosting.
  10. Take a weekend trip somewhere exciting.
xx Molly

P.S. For those of you who are curious, here's the summer to-do's.
  1. Attend an outdoor concert.
  2. Move into a new apartment with my boyfriend.
  3. Pack a picnic and head to the shore, Philadelphia style.
  4. Bike along the Schuylkill River Trail (a Philadelphia must).
  5. Perfect a summer cocktail.
  6. Go thrifting at a flea/antiques market.
  7. Pick blueberries and make jam with the extras.
  8. Learn to sail.
  9. Spend quality time with friends and family, preferably outside.
  10. Make a dent in my ever-growing reading list. Top of the pile: The Help and Cleopatra: A Life

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pomegranate, Avocado, and Orange Salsa

As a gift, I had recently received a serving dish with three bowls, perfect for dips, and I knew I wanted to use it for the party. I chose to serve a cannellini bean dip, an artichoke and lemon pesto, and a pomegranate, avocado, and orange salsa, all of which complemented each other wonderfully. One of my favorite dip cookbooks is Skinny Dips by Diane Morgan. Her recipes tend to be quick, delicious, easy, and most importantly, healthy, or at least more healthy than a typical dip. A similar recipe to her pomegranate, avocado, and orange salsa can be found here, but I highly recommend the book, I have yet to be disappointed with a single recipe I've tried. The recipe is a bit labor intensive, supreming citrus is one of my least favorite cooking techniques, and pomegranates are notoriously difficult (tip: put the pomegranate in a bowl of water while removing the seeds, the seeds sink and the pith floats to the top), but it was completely worth it and I couldn't have been happier with the results.

xx Molly

Monday, September 26, 2011


Our little apartment warming party was so a delight, it was fun getting to spend quality time with friends both new and old, near and far. There's nothing like a party to bring together different people and it's wonderful when everyone's personalities mesh like they've been friends forever, even if they’ve actually just met. The party went off almost without a hitch; two hours before people started arriving Belle's cast fell off sending us on a quick trip to pet emergency (the cast is back on and she's doing well)! We served fall flavors like squash, beans, and ginger and decorated with apples, orange and yellow flowers, and pumpkins. After all, even if the forecast reads 80°, it is officially fall now.

xx Molly

Friday, September 23, 2011

Party Planning

Treats from a college halloween party. The presentation has gotten a little classier over the years.

Last night, my boyfriend and I headed to Whole Foods for some party necessities. It's always important to me to serve tasty, homemade appetizers and treats at the parties I throw; both because I enjoy making them, and I think it's something of a lost art. Often times, hosts order catering, or serve store bought goodies and although there's nothing wrong with that, I enjoy all the preparation that leads up to a homemade food spread. Although I can certainly see the ease of pre-made, no running around, flustered, trying to get everything cooked on time. Even so, fresh out of the oven is the way for me. What about you?

xx Molly

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's Threes

Spread from our Spring Fling party

To my relief, work has been slowly starting to calm down as the week has progressed; enough, in fact, that I was able to finally make it to the gym after weeks away. I've been going to the same Wednesday night yoga class since I moved to Philadelphia, over a year ago now, and it felt great to be back. This weekend my boyfriend and I are throwing a little cocktail party to debut our new apartment, and my dear friend Miss Jessica and her boyfriend are coming down from New York to attend. I can't wait! Pictures of the party and apartment coming soon.

xx Molly

Yoga mat, wrapped with an old belt, by the door means finally going to a class again.

Spoonfuls of Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter, just because.

Wanting for fall:
Warm brown AK Anne Klein watch, both feminine and stylish.

Enzo Angiolini shoes that are appropriate for work and weekend.

The perfect nail color for fall, Chinchilly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fashion Week Favorites - Fantasy

Oscar de la Renta

While I absolutely adore each of these pieces, I will likely never own any of them - too pricey or too impractical. Now I know you're thinking, "What? You don't have ball gown appropriate events to attend on a weekly basis?" The answer, shockingly, is no, I do not, much to my chagrin. But trust me, if I could afford to prance around in beautiful gowns every day, I might just do it (also if I wouldn't get stared at like a crazy person, that dissuades me just a bit as well). All joking aside, these clothes have strikingly beautiful shapes, colors, fabrics, cuts, you name it and I find it all perfectly inspiring. Now I just need to find ways to replicate these looks with more affordable options, and isn't that kind of half the fun?
xx Molly
Oscar de la Renta. Wouldn't this be the most amazingly fun suit for work?

Burberry Prorsum. The color is rich and luxurious and the styling is pitch perfect.

Bill Blass

Badgley Mischka. I'm a strong believer in less is more, so plunging necklines usually aren't my first choice but balanced with the longer skirt, the dress is sexy, not slutty.

Anna Sui. So amazingly feminine and delicate and look at those butterfly tights!

Christian Siriano

ADAM - polka dots are fun

Anna Sui

Barbara Tfank. Classy and elegant with a pop of color.

Burberry Prorsum

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fashion Week Favorites - Alice + Olivia

Can I have these pants, please? They would be so fun for date night or weekend wear. Images via

Have you ever seen something that made you so happy you wanted to squeal with delight? Well, that's exactly how the Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 collection made me feel. I've always been a fan of the clothes, and this season was no disappointment. I love the 1920's and 1960's inspirations which would be fun to bring discreetly into a wardrobe. I'll admit that if worn all together, the collection could be a bit too costumed or era centric, but let's be honest how often do you wear one collection head-to-toe? No, no, in my opinion it's perfect and fun for both work and weekend. I can't wait to start buying; and the best part, although the clothes are slightly pricier than I might typically spend, the pieces are still within attainable range, how wonderful is that?

xx Molly

The color is so fun and bright which would cheer up any dull work day

I love that the cut and color allow this dress to be appropriate for both cocktails and work

I'm really into pleated skirts these days and the glitter/sequined shirt, well that just makes me giddy.

Again, appropriate for work or weekend. Also, given my obsession with The Help, I feel this is an outfit Skeeter would wear, and that makes me happy.

Backyard barbecue chic

Company Holiday party anyone?

The color is amazing and the cut is so mod. This would be a great way to spice up work ensembles from time to time.

Perfectly feminine

The tailoring is exceptionally flattering and sophisticated, while the print is girly and fun.

Valentine's day dinner, hands down. The sequins make the red so much more lively.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Help

I recently finished reading The Help, a novel about Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960's, I'm sure you've heard of it. The book swept you up the moment you started reading and was one of those delightful finds that are hard to put down. In fact, I read it in two and a half days. Yup, it was that good. A friend from the Junior League recommended it to me, which was ironic given the role The League itself plays in the book, although I must say, Philadelphia League life is far difference than in Jackson, or at least Jackson in the 1960's. Once I'd finished the novel, I quickly looked for the trailer to the newly-released film and was shockingly disappointed. None of the characters in the previews were anything like I'd pictured them while reading and now I'm not sure if I even want to watch the movie. I'm an avid believer in books always being better than movies, but usually find some enjoyment, but in this case, I'm not sure I will. Have you seen the movie? If so, am I overreacted and should I give it a shot?

xx Molly

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's Threes

Sunset in San Diego, taken during happy hour at the Hotel Del Coronado

Today as I was standing up to leave work, I glanced out the window and saw the most beautiful double rainbow arched across downtown Philly. It was stunning, and made working until 7 a bit more bearable, as it wasn't nearly as vibrant once I got down to street level. These past couple weeks have completely exhausted me and so I'm trying to focus on the positive, on the things that are bringing me bits of happiness throughout these stressful days. And to be honest, even if I was wishing for things, it would be nothing more than my comfy bed piled with pillows and good long nap.

xx Molly

My new Vince Camuto heals

Remember this DIY? The final product glowing in our bedrooms fireplace adds the perfect ambiance on relaxing evenings.


Don't you just want to give it a big squeeze? I just wanted to share a little bit of cute to start your day off right. Sharon Montrose, the photographer, is a favorite of mine for the adorable way she captures animals. Her prints are available here or at her website. Enjoy!

xx Molly

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


One of my all-time favorite restaurants in Philadelphia is Parc, Restaurant Bistro & Café, by restaurateur Stephen Starr. It sits right on Rittenhouse Park with outside tables and walls of windows that fully open to create a great, open-air space when the weather is nice. Whenever someone comes to visit me in Philly, I always try to bring them to brunch at Parc as the food, cocktails, and ambiance are pitch-perfect - no one is ever disappointed.

xx Molly

Fresh, French-style bread that is baked daily and available for individual sale.

One of my favorite menu items, yogurt parfait, with unsweetened Greek yogurt, fresh berries and raspberry compote

Crème brûlée oatmeal

The seasonal tarts are to die for; so far I've tried the mushroom, leek and goat cheese, and now the tomato. Yum!