Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paper Votives

As I mentioned here, I really loved Terrain's idea of the paper covered votives but wanted to try to tackle the project on my own, as opposed to just buying them. By doing it myself, I was able to choose exactly the papers I wanted and use different sized votive holders. The project was easy enough once I got into a rhythm, I found it's best to cut all the paper first and then glue all at once. The entire project took just a couple hours to complete. I opted for LED candles for convenience (they even sell ones with timers now) and I'm planning on putting the finished product in one of our decorative fireplaces. Easy peasy and pretty to boot! 

xx Molly
Start with perfectly cylindrical glass votives. I chose to use different sizes to add dimension and variety

Choose decorative papers that are slightly translucent

1. Measure the votive to determine how much paper you will need to cut. (I chose to leave a slight lip at the top for safety)

2. Using a ruler and grid board, measure the proper size and cut using an exacto knife.

3. Ensure that the cut paper is sized correctly and cut leaving just a small amount to overlap. 

4. Apply glue (I used a polymer medium) to the glass using a paint brush and carefully wrap the paper.

5. Ensure that the paper is lined up correctly and is overlapping just a little.

6. Apply glue to the overlap and to the entire surface of the paper to protect it. 

Voila, the finished product.

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  1. Wow these are beautiful Molly!! I want to try making some!

    ~Yolanda :)