Friday, August 5, 2011

Inspired Brights

Room was by Domino Magazine, no longer in print. Gosh isn't it just amazing? I can totally see myself adding a desk and turning it into an office.
I have always, always been drawn to vibrant colors whether in art, fashion, or decor. Growing up I had a powder pink room which I switched to bright yellow in high school, clearly color has never been something I've been afraid of. As I get older though, I'm increasingly inspired by rooms that incorporate color not only on the walls but in the furniture and decorations - apartment living is always conducive to wall painting. I've included some of my all-time favorite room inspirations as the use of color is impeccable but also replicable. I'm planning on trying to replicate some of these ideas into our new apartment. Honey, you don't mind bright purple, right?!

xx Molly

One of the reasons why the colors in these rooms "pop" is the use of complimentary colors. Remember elementary school art class? Complimentary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and using them together makes the colors appear more vibrant; for instance purple and yellow or orange and blue. So instead of overwhelming the room by adding two vibrant colors, the use of a complimentary color actually helps to balance and enhance

Not sure where this is from, it shows how even pale color can enhance a room and may be a good starting point for those who are more hesitant to use brighter colors

Isn't this the best idea ever? What a great way to incorporate color without going overboard or breaking the bank buying new pieces. If you ever decided on another color scheme, just repaint it! (Sorry, I don't remember where this one is from either)

Room from Elle Decor, beautiful example how different shades of the same color can work together perfectly

Also from Elle Decor, this room looks masculine and strong but still uses purple and green. Proof that color can work for both men and women

This might be my absolute favorite, the purple and yellow are stunning together and I love the use of all the different shades. By using the bright pops of color on an otherwise neutral background the room looks inviting and cozy, but not overwhelming. I just love it to pieces! (By Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design)

From House Beautiful, that chandelier is gorgeous!

Also by Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design, the wallpaper is stunning and balanced with the orange chairs doesn't overwhelm the room at all

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