Monday, August 1, 2011


Lately I've been hearing some negative press about Agave Syrup; yup that's right, that miracle sweetener that was supposed to be so much better for you than honey or refined sugars. The news had me worried because although I don't use it that often, it's certainly in my cupboard and many baking recipes call for it. I did a little digging and first found this article, stating how the fructose syrup can lead to insulin resistance and being lipogenic. After further research, I believe this article best describes the truths about Agave. 

"Americans over the age of two consume more than 300 calories daily from caloric sweeteners, one-sixth of their average daily calories. Measured against those amounts the fructose coming from agave products is insignificant."

Although the research backing the first article is correct, the levels of agave syrup used were far beyond average consumption. And so, like most things in life, agave is safe in moderation. I believe it is important for everyone to take a more active roll in educating themselves about the things they put in their bodies; because what else could be as important?

xx Molly

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