Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Threes

A freshly signed lease on our new place (one of the fireplace hearths). August can't come soon enough!

Have you ever noticed how having Monday off makes the week go by immensely faster than having Friday off, even though both are four-day weeks? As a result, this week flew by, although there wasn't anything to break it up beside different types of workouts at the gym. In truth, after the busy weekend it was exactly what I needed. This weekend is shaping up to be busy as well with special secret (for now) plans. What are your weekend plans?

xx Molly

Vegan, raspberry scones, recipe coming soon

A little duck family on my way to work

This whimsical Johnathan Adler teapot would look adorable displayed on a shelf or on a fireplace mantel in our new place

I love how these are a fancy take on standard votives, and how easy they would be to make myself

I am totally obsessed with Michael Kors watches.The masculinity of the watch juxtaposed by a feminine wrist is perfection in my book

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