Monday, July 11, 2011

New York State of Mind

The most delicious looking donuts, ever

I mentioned on Friday that I had top secret plans for the weekend. My boyfriend and I trekked to the Empire State to surprise my roommate/best friend from Cornell Jessica for her birthday. As it turns out, her boyfriend spilled the beans before we got there, but she was still super excited with her birthday festivities. Saturday was filled with birthday celebrations and Sunday we ventured to the Brooklyn Flea Market (which means I've officially checked two things off my list for the summer, here). I was utterly thrilled with my first grown-up visit to a flea market and left feeling totally inspired for our new place. I can't wait to find some markets around Philadelphia.

xx Molly

p.s. For a full description of the weekends birthday activities check out Miss Jessica's blog, sweetcakesnmilkshakes!

Vintage costume jewelry I tried on, I think it matched my nail polish quite nicely

Thrifting outfit for a hot day. Shirt: Anthropologie shirt borrow from Jessica, Shorts: J Crew, Sunnies: Puma, Shoes: Born Crown

A refinished trunk, strikingly similar to an old, beat up one in my parents basement, which I now have inspiration to fix up

A bean and cheese Pupusa, an El Salvadorian specialty

Vintage camera's that would make a great bookshelf collection

Vintage letter stamps that could be used as bookends or coffee table art

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