Friday, July 8, 2011

Miu Please

When I first saw the shoes from Miu Miu's Fall 2011 collection my heart skipped a beat, and then it cracked in half when I realized I probably won't be able to afford any of them. My heart is mended and I've adopted a "look but don't touch" attitude that allows me to still enjoy the beautiful shoes without breaking the bank. After all, I like museums, why can't I appreciate expensive shoes in the same way? As I've mentioned before, I get weak in the knees for feminine pieces, which is what clearly attracted me to this collection as it oozes femininity. The candy colors, ruffles, glitter, and curved lines: it's enough to make me giddy. If I had to pick my favorite I'm not sure I could, but it would likely come down to the gold/pink or silver/mint booties for pure dazzling girliness; although in the end, the black ruffled ones would likely win as they are the most work appropriate. Sigh, how boring of me.

xx Molly

Yes, I realize these are sunnies, not shoes, but I couldn't resist, could you?