Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My nightstand with an Anthropologie shade, vintage mirror, and gold picture frame

In just about two weeks my boyfriend and I are moving into our new place together. I'm thrilled to have a place that can truly be ours, our current apartment was mine before he moved in and therefore it doesn't represent his style at all, and to have more space both for us and the cats. Although there are some things that I certainly won't miss about my current place - cold winters, noisy bar across the street - I'm also nostalgic about the move. This apartment was my first real place, paid for by me, decorated just the way I wanted it, it symbolizes my transition from college and childhood to being a true adult in the working world. I've pulled together a few glimpses into my favorite corners that, although recreatable in the new place, will always remind me of my first apartment and first chapter in adulthood. 

xx Molly

Impressionist collection, Renoir is my favorite, hanging in the living room

Bright and girly bathroom, with framed photos of tulips, a DIY project of mine with pictures from a book

Pillow covers my Mom hand made for me and a lotus candle holder from my friend

Another DIY, a lampshade inspired by one from Pottery Barn Kids that I made especially for the apartment

Vintage beer bottle from a flea market in Paris and a plate decorate my kitchen counter

A beverage server turned terrarium for in site storage on my kitchen table

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