Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's Threes

My best friend, who's visiting this weekend (!), with me at a Dave Matthews Band Concert a few years ago

In order to regroup after a busy week and focus on the little things that I'm truly grateful for, Thursday posts will be dedicated to three things that are making me content, but to add a little spice, followed by three things that I'm currently coveting. No one's perfect, certainly not me, and life is truly all about balance, so why not remind myself of those things that make me happy and the things I would be happy to have.

xx Molly

Our silly little cat, Minnie

My sweet boyfriend (picture from our May trip to Disney)

 Lusting for:
Adorable scalloped edge, polka dotted crop top from Emerson Made

Kate Spade bag that's so summery it makes me smile, and it's currently on sale

Blue skies (picture by my momma), it's been unbearably dreary in Philly this week

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