Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime and The Living is Easy

Oh hello first day of summer, I'm so glad you've finally arrived. 

While yes, of course, I realize that summer, in most senses of the word, has been in full swing for over a month now, there's something about it being official that makes it that much better. Summer has always been my favorite time of year because of the beautiful weather and laid back attitude it insists you adopt. This will be my first full summer in my new home of Philadelphia and I am intent to make the most of it. To solidify my summer plans, here’s a list of all the best of summer that I intend to enjoy - my summer to-do list, in all its glory.
  1. Attend an outdoor concert.
  2. Move into a new apartment with my boyfriend.
  3. Pack a picnic and head to the shore, Philadelphia style.
  4. Bike along the Schuylkill River Trail (a Philadelphia must).
  5. Perfect a summer cocktail.
  6. Go thrifting at a flea/antiques market.
  7. Pick blueberries and make jam with the extras.
  8. Learn to sail.
  9. Spend quality time with friends and family, preferably outside.
  10. Make a dent in my ever-growing reading list. Top of the pile: The Help and Cleopatra: A Life.
Do you have any must do's this summer?

xx Molly
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  1. I've got to come back to Philly some time so you can do # 9 :)

  2. Must do this summer? Drive the hell out of my new BMW!!!!